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Schild Peter H

Over 40 years of Professional Experience


Clinical Psychologist in Old Bridge & Toms River, NJ



Licensed Clinical Psychologist, NJ #1367; Marriage and Family Therapist - NJ #535. Over 40 years professional Experience. Comprehensive Counseling Services. Individual, Marriage, Family; Psychological and Career Testing, Post Accident Evaluation and Treatment, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Pain Reduction, Day and Evening Hours.
Peter H. Schild, Ed.D. LLC, understands that the decision to seek counseling and treatment, either for you or a loved one, is not a decision that is made lightly. Many of us have a tendency to try and ignore emotional and psychological challenges in hopes that they will improve on their own. Unfortunately, in many cases, time alone is not enough. For these individuals their condition may become more pronounced and lead to other difficulties. If this scenario sounds familiar it may be time to consider counseling. For the majority of people, effective counseling by Dr. Schild will lead to improved attitudes, behavior and overall quality of life.
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Are you or a loved one experiencing an emotional or psychological challenge that is adversely affecting your relationships or ability to function at home, in school or at work? Dr. Schild, will help you identify the root causes of your struggles and equip you with effective coping skills to help attain the best quality of life possible.